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January 2020 Edition

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A Powerful Pair




Two separate organizations. One parallel mission: growing the concrete masonry industry. That mission will only be accomplished if both organizations are focused, well managed, and complement the other. Effective collaboration and leveraging of investments and resources with other partner organizations and regional masonry promotion groups will also be critical to success. How will the roles and expectations of each of these components evolve to create meaningful and lasting advantages?


A CMU Checkoff has the ability to provide a platform for the development and implementation of a coordinated strategic approach to improve the competitive position of concrete masonry in the market. The checkoff’s engagement with every producer across the U.S. and the mechanism to provide consistent funding and resources into program work puts the masonry industry in a unique position to....Click the link below to read more



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Fast Facts




There are five steps left in the journey to a national CMU checkoff.


1. Order—The Department of Commerce (DOC) and masonry leaders are finalizing a draft of a document called the Order to outline how a CMU Checkoff will work. The Order will likely be published in the first quarter of 2020.


2. Comment—Once the draft Order is made public there will be an open comment period of at least 60 days when anyone can share support, questions or other comments.


3. Register—Concrete masonry unit manufacturing companies will be provided an opportunity to register to vote on a revised version of the Order.


4. Vote—Manufacturing company representatives who have pre-registered will be provided an opportunity to vote for or against implementation of the Checkoff.


5. Approve—The DOC will declare the Checkoff approved if a majority of the voting companies vote in favor of the program and if those companies represent a majority of the machine cavities of all voting companies.





Why I Support




We all want to see our industry grow and flourish. I’m a big believer that if you can make the tide go up, it carries everybody with it. I understand we are competitors within our industry, but we have competitors who are working to replace concrete masonry. We can be stronger together than if we tried to work individually to grow demand for our industry. So, I would encourage you to work together.


--Charles Newsome, CMU Checkoff Captain - Region 2

Johnson Concrete Products

Salisbury, North Carolina








The Grand America Hotel

February 22 | 5:00 - 6:30 pm


A brighter future is ahead with the potential of CMU Checkoff. Join us to learn the latest on what's happening as we move closer to an industry-funded, industry-led checkoff. You'll hear from our checkoff captains what's on the horizon and learn more about the role of the Department of Commerce. We'll have checkoff experts and advocates on hand ready to share their knowledge and answer your questions, as well as a robust discussion on how we get out the yes vote. For more information, email Brittaney Kamhong Thompson.





National Mango Board



National Mango Board


In 2008, Americans ate just two pounds of mangos a year. That same year, the national mango checkoff was established, and leaders began to invest in programs that researched the nutritional benefit of mangos. Research results were then used in a national advertising campaign that enticed consumers with chef-inspired recipes, health facts and inspirational images of mangos. Fast forward to 2019 and consumers now eat nearly six pounds of mangos a year, almost a threefold jump from before the checkoff existed. Learn more about the National Mango Board and mango checkoff work driving profit opportunities for producers.





Support Around The US




A big thanks to the many states and regions who have recently passed resolutions supporting the creation of a national checkoff. Click here for a full list of resolutions.







Our website also houses additional resources you may find helpful such as a basic guide to our proposed program and quick fact sheets for download and printing.

Click here to view those materials.