Bricklayers Training Center Material Needs

MC&MCA has been contacted by the Bricklayers Training Center regarding their needs for material inventory. Please review the following list of their needs and email Masonry Coordinator John Slama if you or your company can assist in donating materials.
• 5 tons of split rock or rubble stone, does not have to be of the same type
• Modular and Norman brick, preferably full cubes but does not have to be the same run
• 4”, 8” and 12” CMU, 4-5 cubes of each type
• Burnished CMU, 6-7 cubes, can be either 6 or 8 does not have to match color
• 6-8 stones that have profiles to use for a stone patching upgrade, 4’ lengths that can be cut as needed, if some have a design that is even better
• Two pallets of 12” rock faced limestone or similar if possible
• Rebar, either #4 or #5, length can vary
• Black PVC CJ material