Bell Museum Visit a Big Hit

25 members attended the October 23 luncheon event that MC&MCA hosted at the beautiful newly completed Bell Museum, built by our member McGough Companies, Inc.

The McGough team of 5 featured speakers (see photo below) briefed our group on the process, history, functionality, construction and uniqueness of the building. Many thanks to them for taking the time to give such a well-coordinated, meaningful and personal presentation program. Following the program there were small group tours lead by the McGough team members.

McGough is a private family-owned company started in 1957 by Peter McGough and his six sons. They employee over 700 employees and are headquartered in Roseville. They have an annual revenue of $600 million.
The new Bell Museum brings together science, art and the environment with a unique Minnesota perspective. The Museum features a digital planetarium, high-tech exhibits, wildlife dioramas, outdoor learning experiences, and much, much more! The building was designed by Perkins + Will of Minneapolis. The $79 million building is a 92,000 square foot 2-story building with a partial basement and 120 parking spots. The 120-seat planetarium is a 16-meter dome that consists of 44 ribs that tie 226 individual aluminum panels together to form the projection surface. Along with the lighting, audio, and other accessories, the entire structure weights over 12,000 pounds.


The McGough team created a plan to hard bid, win, and execute the concrete work on the Bell Museum project. The team analyzed and determined the best means of executing the project for each cost type: labor, materials, equipment, and subcontractors—focusing on maximizing speed, quality, and customer valve.

McGough used the “2P Event” technique approach of concrete construction on the project. The team completed a 5-day Process Preparation (2P) event focused on optimizing structural concrete pours. The team challenged current “big pour” operating practices and experimented with “right sized pours.” Results of experiments showed significant improvements in work sequencing, work flows, and leveled efforts across crews.

McGough Companies, Inc. presenters (left to right):
Adam Rustad – Project Manager (oversaw entire project)
Teddy Bulinski – Masonry Operations Manager
Mike Martin – Structural Engineer / Construction Technology Manager
Dan Tschida – Concrete Superintendent
Dan Brenteson – Concrete Operations Manager

Bulinski serves on the MC&MCA Marketing Committee and Brenteson is a MC&MCA board member.