American Treasure: St. John the Divine


American Treasure: St. John the Divine 

When we think of old cathedrals we often imagine those of Europe or throughout Latin America. Touring these places we repeatedly hear that they took centuries to come to fruition. For us Americans seemingly loathe to let a building remain for more than 50 years, such aging is near unfathomable. Yet we have one of those finely aged cathedrals too: the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine. READ MORE

Beauty in the Details: Mortar Color

From the color of your truck, your house and your jacket to the color of tools, pills, buildings, dishes and product packaging, there's a concerted effort to attract your attention, your approval, and yes, your money, through the use of color. Without looking at a logo or reading the company name, most stone masons and lots of regular folks can accurately identify... READ MORE


GEN NXT: Joseph Blanton 

In our seventh GEN NXT interview and our first for 2018, we had the opportunity to speak with Joseph Blanton, an apprentice with WASCO, Inc. out of Nashville, Tennessee. In 2017, Joseph competed in his first Masonry Skills Challenge at the World of Concrete. He's set to compete in the Masonry Skills Challenge at the second-year level. READ MORE


The Art of Seeing: North Carolina's Masonry Education Day

One of the largest challenges facing the masonry industry is generating interest in the younger generations. Providing written marketing materials and social media posts are one way to stimulate the future generation of the trade, but in-person, hands-on events take the experience to the next level. READ MORE

Case Study: St. Augustine Apartments

In the Morrisania neighborhood of the South Bronx in New York City, the site of the old St. Augustine’s Church and school building is being given a second chance. A new 13-story structure is nearing construction completion, with a chocolate brown facade and beaming floor-to-ceiling windows. READ MORE



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