2018 Masonry Educators Workshop

As I hope you have seen, the Masonry Educator's Workshop (formerly called the University Professor's Masonry Workshop, and re-designated in 2018 so that all educators understand that they are welcome) is coming up on March 11-13 at theUniversity of South Florida in Tampa, Florida. This excellent workshop is a great opportunity to encourage masonry education to future designers and construction managers in your area. Your help in promoting the Workshop to educators in your area would be much appreciated. Our goal is to assist educators with masonry education so that their students - our future designers and construction managers - are comfortable using masonry, and thus more likely to specific and use it on their projects.


Note that many state, local, and regional masonry industry groups sponsor educator's attendance to the MEW so that there is no financial burden on the educators. This is also a productive way to connect with faculty and to build relations with your local schools, colleges, and universities. We've seen many examples where these relationships grow so that both groups benefit through guest lectures, research projects, hands-on-learning techniques, and other events which are both fun and extremely helpful to the students. Oftentimes we hear that these events are some of the most enjoyable and educational they've experienced during their time at school. Those initial contacts can then grow into long term relationships with local designers and managers who will work on future masonry projects. Please consider sponsoring a local educator to attend the 2018 Masonry Educators Workshop.


Thanks very much for your consideration. If you have questions on the workshop, see the website below and feel free to contact Susan or I at any time.




Best regards,