President Tom Miller called the 2017 annual MC&MCA meeting to order at 11:45 AM. He welcomed everyone and thanked them for their attendance at this meeting and their participation over the last year.


A signup sheet was passed around and a quorum was determined to be present. There were 22 people in attendance representing 18 companies. There were three staff in attendance.


Secretary Kirt O’Konek briefed the attendees regarding the minutes from the February 11, 2016, annual meeting. Those minutes had been included in the March 2016 newsletter. The minutes, as printed, were approved on a motion by Shawn Pratt and a second by Paul Trocke.

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer Steve Brock presented the treasurer’s report. The report indicated a net worth for the MC&MCA of $203,522.09 as of December 31, 2016. MC&MCA’s net worth includes $6,730.38 in the money market, $111,495.10 in Raymond James investments, $52,031.88 in savings and $29,462.85 in a checking account. Brock informed the board that MC&MCA has no outstanding liability in terms of holding money for the labors for the Minnesota Masonry Coalition. The MMC functions have been merged into the MC&MCA marketing committee efforts as of January 1, 2017.  All liabilities had been cleared in December of 2016 and the balance of dollars remaining reverted to MC&MCA. Brock indicated that all MC&MCA’s accounts (savings, checking, investments) are held and managed at Bremer Bank and that Scott Thornton continues to serve as our CPA reviewing the monthly financial activities and filing the annual taxes for the organization. Brock informed the attendees that the contractor category of membership exceeded budget expectations by $24,000 for the year. Associate membership/marketing dues came in at $4,000 under budget. On a motion by Zach Quinn and a second by Dustin Sly the treasurer’s report was approved as presented.

2017 Budget:

Brock briefed the attendees on a proposed budget for 2017. Revenue for the year is projected at $278,500, which includes contractor dues and marketing contributions totaling $100,000, dues from associates totaling $65,000, a $30,000 contribution from the IMI/BAC and $25,000 from the Laborers/LECET.  Expenses are projected to total $254,390 with $106,650 reserved for the masonry marketing effort. Brock mentioned the adjustments in the 2017 budget over 2016. The 2017 budget was approved on a motion by Denver O’Brien and a second by John Thomas.

Committee Reports:

Membership Committee Report:

Chair Patrick Vogt presented the Membership Committee Report.

Dues & Recruitment: Vogt thanked the committee members for serving and asked for additional volunteers for 2017.     He mentioned that the committee handles all the association business except marketing. He reported 2017 membership dues were being paid at a good rate and includes three new members to date. Vogt indicated the committee has targeted the 40+ companies that have been contributing to the MC&MCA marketing effort through the 5 cents per bricklayer hour worked in the metro 11 counties and collected through third party trustee administrator Zenith for special recruitment treatment. Vogt informed the attendees the strategy of the membership committee was to meet with one or more potential member each month and talk to them at their office or coffee shop about the many benefits of MC&MCA membership including marketing to decision makers on use of masonry in building projects, workplace development and recruitment, education, information, and communication; this on top of labor negotiations! Vogt also mentioned the committee is scheduling 1-2 meetings per month with current members to update them on membership benefits as well. Current members are being asked to get more actively involved by encouraging their younger staff members to attend meetings and join committees.

Excellence Awards Contest

Excellence subcommittee tri-chair Tom Miller informed the attendees that nine winners (six masonry and three concrete) had been selected and will be announced at the Excellence Awards Banquet on February 18. He thanked the contractors that submitted excellent projects and thanked the associates for encouraging contractors to submit projects. He indicated that the winners have been encouraged to bring members of their team to the awards banquet. He indicated that Rosemary Wallace in the association office was working to pull together the professional photos, framing, brochure, and other details to be ready for the banquet and inserted into the AIA directory, as well as inclusion on the MC&MCA website.  He thanked her in advance for all the work that this project takes each year.

Program Plans:

Vogt briefed the attendees on the MC&MCA program schedule in 2016. The schedule included “Food 4 Thought” events, tours, and brewery visits. In addition the MC&MCA held a , ird hunt, golf outing, annual meeting, awards banquet, and other events of interest to our members.  He mentioned a new 2017 format for the Food 4 Thought event with the new model being used for the March 8 event. The Food 4 Thought event will be held at American Engineering Testing from 7:30 to 9 AM. Three 20-minutes presentations will be given to the attendees. Esch Construction Supply has agreed to do a presentation on dust control and John Haupt of AET will welcome the attendees and update them on the working of his company. Vogt indicated that we were still searching for a third supplier/associate presentation.

Website Report:

Botzek informed the attendees that Heidi Sandstrom continues to do contract work for the MC&MCA revising and updating the MC&MCA’s website.

Marketing Committee:

Marketing Committee Chair Steve Brock thanked the members of his committee and asked for additional person power, especially contractors, to join the committee and provide input and direction on where and how the marketing dollars are targeted and spent. He briefed the attendees on Marketing Director Elena Peltsman’s work in 2016 including 61architectural presentations. He mentioned Peltsman was under a one-year contract and had developed and used two presentations to date used with the architectural firms.  Brock indicated that the work plan calls for additional outstate  architectural firm visits, especially Rochester, be targeted in 2017 along with owners, developers, schools, cities, counties, and Minnesota based corporations. Brock indicated that the structural marketing efforts to engineers and engineering firms has been combined with the MC&MCA architectural promotion efforts. MC&MCA’s marketing committee has been   expanded to include an IMI representative, as well as a representative from the BAC, the Labor’s District Council, and LECET. He indicated that Peltsman and Mark Swanson of IMI were working together on the C4J campaign and the structural masonry promotional efforts. 

Workplace Development and Recruitment: New Committee Chair Christa Seaberg reported on the mission and goals of the new committee; namely to get the association more actively involved in the recruitment of new young workers both in the trades and in the management side of the business. This includes financial and physical support and action. She        indicated the effort starts with Construct Tomorrow but needs to go further and work harder. The committee, composed of Seaberg, John Trout, Tom Miller, and Sean Spraungel, has meet once and will be bringing recommendations to the board.

New Business:

By-law change:

Miller and Botzek briefed the attendees on a proposed by-law change the board of directors was    recommending. The change would expand the current board from 15 members to a range of 12-18 members. This change would allow the board to add an additional board member(s) if warranted. Botzek indicated that the current composition of the board (15) would still be the goal, but would provide flexibility if needed. Kirt O’Konek made a motion to accept the by-law change with Michael Lapensky seconding. One ballot per company was passed out. Dick Dentinger and Steve   Bulach were appointed tellers. On a vote of 18-0 the by-law change was approved.

Nominations Committee & Elections:

Tim Berg, chair of the Nominations Committee, presented a slate of nominees for the 2017-2018 officers and board of directors. Additional nominations from the floor were asked for by Berg. There were none. The nominations were then closed on a motion by Dan Esch and a second by Jim Turitto. Dick Dentinger and Steve Bulach continued as tellers.

Ballots were distributed, one per company. The tellers returned with a tie for the second associates’ positon. The attendees agreed with Berg’s suggestion that both associates be added to the board.


The result of the election was as follows:                                                                                                              

President: Christa Seaberg, JE Dunn Construction

President-Elect: Dan Brenteson, McGough Companies, Inc.

Secretary: Kirt O’Konek, Stoneworks Architectural Precast/Cast Stone

Treasurer: Steve Brock, Construction Midwest, Inc.

General Contractor: Tim Berg, JE Dunn Construction

Masonry & Concrete Contractors:

  • Patrick Vogt, Donald R. Frantz Concrete Construction, LLC
  • Chad Grazzini, Carciofini 


  • John Thomas, TCC Materials Zach Quinn, Brock White Company
  • Denver O’Brien, Amcon Concrete Products, LLC


Remaining members on the board:

Past President: Tom Miller, Advanced Masonry Restoration

General Contractors: Dan Francois, Kraus-Anderson Construction Company

Masonry & Concrete Contractors:

  • Michael Lapensky, Twin City Tile & Marble Company
  • Sean Spraungel, All Stacked Up Masonry Inc.


  • Brent Bixby, Esch Construction Supply Inc.
  • Larry Thompson, American Artstone Company

Members leaving the board:        


  • John Trout, The Coleman Law Firm, LLC


Transfer of Presidency:

President Tom Miller transferred the presidency position to Christa Seaberg. President Seaberg asked for a round of applause for outgoing president Tom Miller.

Old Business:

There was no old business.

New Business:

Appointment of Trustees to Union Trust Funds:

Botzek reported that all fringe benefit funds trustee and apprenticeship positions were filled currently. Dave Joslin mentioned to attendees that serving as a trustee to a fringe fund or as an apprentice trustee was a very important function and responsibility of the association. He suggested that the trustees meet twice a year and prepare a report for the annual meeting each year. The attendees agreed with the suggestion and recommendation.

Committee Assignments:

Botzek encouraged attendees to sign up to serve on one of the three MC&MCA committees: Membership, Marketing, or Workplace Development.


With no other business to come before the group, on a motion by Larry Thompson and a second by Patrick Vogt, the meeting was adjourned at 12:45 PM.


Respectfully Submitted,

Gary Botzek, Executive Director