2017 Excellence Awards Judging

On September 13 MC&MCA organized five “judging teams” and hit the road on a mission!  Thanks to one and all for your time and commitment to make judgment day possible. 

“The judging was a joy. I learned a great deal and made some incredible new friends. Thank you so much for the   opportunity.”  Russell Peterson ALA | CID 

The architect judges are pictured below from left to right front row:  Dean Johnson, Eero Home Design; Kim Larsen, RSP Architects; Gregg Graton, Phillips Architects Inc.; Bob Mack, MacDonald and Mack Architects; Kathy Anderson, Architectural  Consortium LLC; Mike Collins, HGA Architects & Engineers; Kelley Casey, Cuningham Group Architects.  Left to right back row:  Eric Winter, Alchemy Architects; Steve Busse, BWBR; Dustin Rehkamp, BWBR; Mark Swanson, IMI; Russell Peterson, Clever  Architecture; Mark McPherson, Mortenson Construction; Larry Opelt, Larry R. Opelt Architecture & Design, LLC.


The drivers/navigators are pictured on the below from left to right:   John Thomas, TCC Materials; Tom Miller, Advanced Masonry Restoration;      Mike Davey, Amcon Block & Precast, Inc.; Mark Swanson, IMI; Brent Bixby, Esch Construction     Supply Inc.; Kate Schmaltz, Rice Lake Construction Group; John Haupt, American Engineering Testing;  Dan Francois, Kraus-Anderson Construction Co.