Maple Grove Middle School Construction Career Day

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Maple Grove Middle School Construction Career Day

Date: November 7, 2018
  • 8:30 am - 12:00 pm
Location: Bricklayers Training Center
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The MC&MCA, in conjunction with three of our labor union brothers, are hosting a concrete and masonry construction career opportunity for 100 Eighth Grade Shop Students on Wednesday, November 7 starting at 8:30 AM at the Bricklayers Training Center in New Hope.

In part one of the program the young students will be introduced to the concrete and masonry industry through time lapse photography of major local projects like the Vikings stadium and the St. Croix Bridge; technology in construction like drones, robotics, and BIM; human touch/personal stories from young workers; how to get into construction; and artistic expression in construction like decorative concrete, precast, brick, and tile layout. 

The Bricklayers Local #1 Apprenticeship Program, the Cement Masons Local 633 Apprenticeship Program, and the Laborers Apprenticeship Program staffs have been involved in the planning of this career fair and will be manning experiential stations, as well as taking on some of the speaker roles for the first part of the program.

Part two of the career program will include 10 experiential stations where the kids will be able to actively participate in concrete and masonry activities in the training center, including tile and terrazzo. The kids will be treated to pizza and healthy snacks and beverages. They will be bused to and from the Middle School. We will also present them with an MC&MCA logo water bottle and a BAC carrying bag.

We are looking for volunteers to work the event with us, as well as donations to defray the cost of the event. Contact the association office if you wish to help!